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Diana Lainson

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About the author.

I originally come from the South of England and have travelled in many countries world-wide, having learned many things over the last thirty or so years and applied this knowledge to my other works, using a pen-name. I have also contributed articles etc. to newspapers and journals when living abroad and have gleaned many ideas and applied this to my fictional writing.

I currently live in Sicily, Italy with my husband and cat REGGIE who

s-purrs me on whilst I am creating and walks over my laptop keyboard! I now have more time to write novels and am currently working on a sequel to "RETALIATION", entitled  "I  CAST OUT DEMONS" which should be finished later in the year.

This novel RETALIATION (Lex Talionis) is written under my own name and is loosely  based on the happenings of a dear departed female friend of mine who once suffered at the hand of her lover.