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Diana Lainson

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This is a taut, relentless, nerve tingling novel, with a strong romantic theme running through the compelling story.

There is a lot of suspense that will leave every reader slightly breathless, probably wondering if the same thing could happen to him or her. It will grab you and hold your interest deep into the night. It is also charged with eroticism and fear, as the plot is skillfully woven and the interesting characters unravelled. The reader will also be enthralled by Sarah Lawson, the main character and feel almost sympathetic at times towards her.

This novel is a dramatic thriller, inspired by the life of a woman who once suffered from mental and physical abuse at the hand of her lover. It is a very topical subject and many women will be able to relate to this, especially if they have suffered these experiences from the partner in their lives......... NOW READ ON.

RETALIATION - Lex Talionis- commonly known as the Law of Retaliation as described in the Bible.